AMERICAN BORREL BITES – something unusual to serve with drinks. These savory treats are crafted to pair with wine!

Borrel Broodjes
These unexpected savory mini-breads are crying out for a good glass of wine. They have cake-like textures and are bursting with flavorful cheeses, olives, nuts and spices


Roquefort & Pear with Walnuts
Ripe pear chunks combined with the sweet-caramel, yet spicy flavor of Roquefort cheese and crunchy walnuts. Beautiful with aromatic whites, port or a surprising dessert wine

Grilled Olive & Tapenade with Gruyere Cheese
Smooth, salty purple Kalamata olives, grilled green olives, black olive tapenade & nutty Gruyere Cheese. Pour a medium-bodied red or a crisp Chardonnay

Tuscan Cavolo Nero Kale & Feta 
Packed full of fresh Tuscan Cavolo Nero kale, salty creamy feta cheese and earthy Greek herbs. Delicious with medium-bodied reds and light, fragrant white wines

Black Sable Grapes & Goat’s Cheese
Sweet grapes mixed with the distinctive tart, earthy flavor of soft goat’s cheese. Pair with sparkling wines, dessert wines or a fresh, light whites

Pesto & Slow-Roasted Tomatoes with Pine Nuts
The familiar taste of basil pesto topped with the tastiest slow-roasted tomatoes and crunchy pine nuts. Perfectly at home with a medium-bodied reds or an aromatic whites

Borrel Bites
Surprising salty-sweet savory “cookies” created to pair with wines and liquors


Fig & Blue Cheese Shortbread
Rich buttery blue cheese meets a tangy dried fig. Serve with bold reds, single malt whiskeys or a dessert wine

Parmesan & Thyme Shortbread
Flaky, savory cookies baked with fresh thyme paired with the nutty taste of Parmesan cheese.  Delicious with whites, reds and everything in between

Rosemary & Polenta Shortbread
A little taste of Italy in a barely sweet cookie.  The classic Mediterranean duo is great with creamy whites, mellow reds and sparkling roses

Apricot & Tarragon Sables
Chunks of dried apricots are nicely chewy in these sweet and savory cookies.  Delicious with fruity whites

Gorgonzola  & Pistachio Shortbread
A buttery shortbread with tangy gorgonzola, crunchy pistachios and just a hint of lemon and heat.  Perfect on a cheese platter with full reds

Salted Chocolate & Cayenne Pepper Sables
Unexpectedly spicy tender cookie made with the best cocoa, a pinch of cayenne and flecked with Maldon salt flakes.  Pair with fruity reds or a luscious port

Borrel Jams
Savory preserves with an unexpected identity. Designed to complement cheeses, breads and wine


Spiced Tomato Jam
An exiting spicy, sweet, gingery jam made from ripe tomatoes. Perfect with Parmesan & Thyme Shortbread and Rosemary & Polenta Shortbreads, or as a topping for bruschetta

Caramelized Onion Jam
A sweet-tart jam made from Spanish onions and aged Balsamico vinegar. Perfect with fresh goat’s cheese or a delicious topping for bruschetta


Bread Shots
Fresh herbs and cheesy goodness burried and baked into flaky, buttery mini-biscuits


Cheddar & Garlic
A fail-proof classic duo

Mexican Salsa
A combination of warm and spicy goodness

Pesto & Tomato
A proven Italian taste sensation

Blue Cheese & Kalamata Olive
A surprising pairing of intense flavors

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